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Hi my sweet Raccoons!

There’s some time I’m not posting, but here is my new report, as today is the beginning of a new week! Yay!

I’m a little bit playful lately, so perhaps it’s the time to show some of the ideas I have in mind for the kinky like us! Come Join us in the fun!

Yep, ok, I’m still attached to the 90’s, but they are so much amazing!!! Let’s get a look at the things my sponsors have for you!

Daddy’s Choice Designs

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Sam Speedo 2.0

There’s nothing sexier than a nice swimwear for a man that don’t let you think about anything else, even if they just hide the minimum possible. It’s really wise from this designer to make such great rig available for the mesh bodies that you won’t need to touch anything else, just as the good wear and forget about anything. Also it comes with a color and texture hud with very good selection of colors and textures that you will get yourself playing within the normal colors and also the nice textures for the printed ones.

The Speedo is available for Gianni, David, Adam, Jake, Aesthetic, TMP, Slink and Standard Size bodies.

Come and get your sexy swimwear at the Mainstore and Marketplace!!!

Sweet Evil


Overall Skirt & Top

This sweet as candy overall and top comes in both separate overall and top just to let you choose the design, as the overall has an own hud with very good designs, that will make you play as the good babygirl you are, with those candid desings from unicorns to colorful dotted patterns, plus the top comes with a color hud to make your own color and get the babygirl outfit of your dreams!

They are available for Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Altamura and eBody Curvy bodies.

Get your babygirl look at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!!

Back Pack

This sweet backpack is just the great combo you want to complete your babygirl look!!! It comes with a handy and too damn good pack of desings on the hud you will want to combine all of them with your outfit! What are you waiting for to complete your kinkyness and get your babygirl needs fullfilled?

Get your backpack at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!

Tooty Fruity

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Loli Heels

You want a babygirl look, yeah, but what if you combine with and adulthood high heels but with somekind of babygirl looks alike? You got this combination from this great designer, which fits perfectly on your look without letting you getting out of style, plus you can also combine them with some other outfits, probably more classy, or even more dark or gothic, it’s up to you and your mind to combine them!! They are so feasible and flexible to combine that you will fit it in more of a kind!

They also have a color hud that you can combine everthing on the shoe, from the quality rigged lace details, the laced, the metal parts, the sole, etc!

These high heeled shoes are available for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza feet system.

Come and get your babygirl look completed at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!



Café Set

This great set is composed by different items, as I’ll remark them below, fruit of this wonderful designer who thinks in all our needs.

The set is composed by a Coffee Chair (which is remarkable that it’s a chair with the coffee mug form, great for everywhere! I LOVE COFFEE!!!) which also has a nice color set to change them, plus nice animations to play around!, also a Coffee Table with an optional Coffee Umbrella, to serve the also included Coffee Food Set (Donut, Muffin, Coffee mug, Dish, Hamburger, Tray -wearable and rezzed-), and Two Coffee Signs to put and set your stilish decoration with!

This set is nice for both inner and outside decorations, very suitable to have that coffee with your friends, have a play with your crush or just simply enjoy the sightseeing with a good ol’ mug of hot coffee in your hands!

Come and get your set before you regret about at the Mainstore!!



Sippy Cup

Great Cup if you want to get accomplished your job on the babygirl around! It can be filled with any liquid you will need. ANY, you know? 😉 lol!

It also comes with a fashionable hud to let you get your desing as per your needs!

Come and get yours for babygirl or babyboy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Drak – Fruit it up

It’s summer already and sometimes your daddy is not around, so why do you need to wait for him? Go and get your needs satisfied with this fruity colors HUGE dildo! Ride it like there’s not tomorrow, or you will regret to not be filled in! Lol! Sometimes you also need to show your habilities to your daddy, so what else you can show to him if you can’t demonstrate!

Come and get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Suck Me!!

And what kind of babygirl are you without your proper pacifier that identify you as one? Go and get yours to say how slut are you for your daddy! Especially if that pacifier on the inner part is a plug! Lol!

This pacifier comes with a hud to let you change the color and the words inside it!

Go and get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

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