You are late, as usual

You are late, as usual

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

Today has been a long day out as a shopping day after a deep spring cleaning at home, so I was preparing to go out with a close friend of mine, but she was late, as usual, so I took the opportunity to show my patience when waiting for her showing what I got until she appeared and went together to expand our inventories, after all was a very good day with lot of laughts!

So, let me show you some of the goodies you can find as new items around of the great shops supporting me!




Messy Ultra Rare

This backdrop is a Ultra Rare drop from the Messy set from this brand, which is really great as outdoor backdrop, with clean and great textures, also comes with some good add ons to make it more real, so grab your copy on the Mainstore!!

Go get it here!!!


Tube Top

This great top with two customizable layers, the back one and the top one with the lace finish that lets you make great combinations with this top, which also suits a lot like a corset, allowing you to combine it from a just a pair of jeans to a very classy long skirt, so you can go from casual to formal with this top fairly easy! You will love it as I do!

Come get your copy here!

The Bishes Inc.




Bea Heels

I’m astonished on how this creator put all the attention to the details, from the finishing of the textures for the zips, the leather, and so on, and furthermore with the quality of the hud to could change the textures of the shoe. These pair are really a suitable ones to could wear with an unlimited possibilities of combinations, thought I could point probably to go somekind casual with them, but I’m sure at the end I will get more combinations than I probably imagine.

So come and get your copy here!







Ardamire Set

And I can’t stop to show how the quality of the design of this creator has mean to me, as their products are really an inspiration to me! With this set you can have a really good accesories, both tiara and necklace with a highly customizable menu, and really enjoyable design, with an elf-looking design wich will makes you lot of classy or even suitable for somekind of fantasy role play.

So what you are waiting for to get your copy here?

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