What will we do after?

What will we do after?

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I hope everything is ok on your side! My week turned out so much complicated that I can’t barely write much things about me right now, but I will promise that I will keep you updated!

Also, having some arguments with your crush at this stressful time don’t help a lot, LOL! So I hope all of you enjoy my new purposes!!! Thanks to all the creators supporting me!!!

What’s on Irumaru:

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]


Florenzia Outfit

This great creation from Sexy Princess will get your outfit style to another level, as it comes with a jacket and skirt with a leather finish (almost latex) wich will make you fit perfectly into any opportunity. It comes with a nice color and texture hud that will  make you choose from any of the colors this firm has to offer us, but I’m sure non of them will dissappoint you.

Available for Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique and also standard size bodies.

Go and get your copy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

The Bishes Inc.



Bunny Heels

These pair of high heels shoes comes with that design that keeps you hooked on the good taste of this designer. The bunny alike talon, the lace on the front, the velvet alike sensation of the shoes, the sweet finishings and, last, but not least, the incrdible texture hud which make all your delights comes true on a sweet, kinky shoes which you will feel proud to wear them all around, getting for you all the attention.

Available for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink Feet.

Come get your copy at the Mainstore!




Backdrop Time for me

Nice, sensual, neat, great textures, the ilumination makes you flow around the backdrop… what else can you request to a real nice backdrop that will make you take your personal feelings out and let you recreate some good escenes around. This creator really cracks me out when she designs so beautifulness.

Although, this is an exclusive for the Suicide Dollz Event, which started on April 22th and will stay there until May 4th. So what are you waiting to get this sweetness HERE!

Daddy’s Choice Designs

Mainstore Marketplace

Jenna Bento Mesh Head 3.0

This is a nice alternative that you must consider around your Bento Head adventure, as it’s Omega compatible skin with a very good touch. This head makes you look like a teenager, so probably it’s suitable for those kind of roles at very adjustated price for the current Bento Head market. I do used to make a suitable shape within a min for the head, so you will be probably get your own way with it fairly easy! Also the hud is SUPER user-friendly so you won’t have to mess out into so many options other manufacturers makes you to use. Brings as well a animation hud to let you make the gestures!

Go grab your copy at the mainstore or the marketplace!


What’s on Pedrito:

Hardcore Clothing

MainstoreMarketplace – Flickr


This complete outfit comes with a t-shirt, boots, chap and a cover jeans for the chap. You can both wear like a outdoors outfit, combining styles in its complete hud of textures and colors, where you can find some simpy styles to  the most heavy metal looks! Even the detachable jean to cover impudities is good when having some rough time with your girl, so get it out and try out! You won’t regret the election!

Come and get yours at the mainstore or marketplace!

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