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Hi my sweet Raccoons!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend around!

Here I have some more good news from our sponsors! I hope you like them!


Daddy’s Choice Designs

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Charlie Pullover Hoodie

Let’s start with this magnificient pullover, which already makes you look your casual outfit more beyond any of your expectations. It comes with a useful hud with nice textures where you can combine it with almost any pants you have around, so it just worth a try on it because the finishings and also the rigging is so good that you won’t need to make use almost for the alphas around!

It comes available for Adam, Aesthetic, Nardcotix David, Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake, Slink Physique, TMP and standard sizes.

Come and get your copy at the mainstore or the marketplace!


Shaggy Baggy Jeans

These loose jeans becomes almost necessary when you are just tired of what the majority of creators around wants us to see, with tight pants that makes us look sometimes just simply or like anyone don’t look around their head to see what the men wear aside of the tight pants. Well, this designer has a lot to tell about their creations, as he puts a lot of love doing these creations and the result is this great baggy pant which can make you throw your other pants and just look for the quality behind this brand. Also comes with a useful hud to let you change the texture and color for them, so you will be having fun just creating new outfits to your wardrobe!

It comes available for  Adam, Aesthetic, Nardcotix David, Signature Gianni, TMP, Belleza Jake, Slink and standard sizes.

Go and grab yours at the mainstore or the marketplace!

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