Unleash Your Power @Moshi | Special Dragon

unleash your power

Unleash Your Power @Moshi | Special Dragon


unleash your power


Special Dragon Tank | #Moshi


Unleash your power with the feel of being a hero, get your ki focused in just one point, one point of huge energy, focus your mind in that point to strength and reinforce your unique link with your mind, body and soul.


Breath, breath with your own pause, focus with how the air enters into your body from your nose, gets into your lumbs, and then becomes part of your own body. Feel that precious moment. Exhale, feel how your limbs gets all the contamination of your body, how it cames out from your body on the same way the healthy fresh air came before. Feel the liberation to get renovated air inside you, feel the joy to get closer to unleash your inner power.


Shine like noone has shined before, become stronger as noone has fight before, prepare for your own battle, prepare for the continous fights that live has to come. Feel it, feel that you become stronger as you become more confident about you. Feel it, feel all the prettiest things surrounding you. Feel how it lets you unleash the power inside yourself.


Get closer, probably you wear the first thing you get from your closet, from your wardrobe, probably you don’t mind what clothes have you put on you. But sometimes karma is such a thing that makes you that that superhero t-shirt you have put on you makes you closer to your own superhero that you have inside yourself.


Unleash the power inside you, unleash your own style inside you. Be confident on yourself and all the powers will unleash!


New Tank from Moshi

Special Dragon Tank
Signature Giovanni, Slink and TMP rigged mesh

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