Treze – Sookie Dress

Treze - Sookie Dress

Treze – Sookie Dress

Hi my Raccoons! The past weekend it was some sad moment for me in my real life, as it was 2 months since my dad has passed out. We got a burial of his ashes and planted a tree, so I felt like I need to do some kind of little tribute to him on my blog and also with the nice spring dress Treze has to us.

It was a very nice ceremony with his brothers (my aunties) all around the tree we planted with his ashes, so overall it was a nice spring day just getting all together, having a nice lunch were we all enjoy his favourite dishes and having memories about his life. It was sad, yes, but afterall a very nice moment to share with all his beloved ones.

So, besides all, please check out this lovely dress from Treze I put below:


Treze – Sookie Dress

* Includes:

  • Mesh Dress for:
    • Ebody
    • Maitreya
    • Physique & Hourglass
    • Freya, Isis & Venus
    • TMP
    • Tonic: Fine & Curvy
  • *HUD drive with 20 patterns.

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Treze - Sookie Dress

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