Trespassing own limits!

Trespassing own limits!

Hi my fellow Raccoons!

Today it’s sunday, it means time to get dirty with my crush! Yeah, you have noticed that he’s also blogging here, so I take profit to get somekind beyond this time and waited at our own gym with a nice and brilliant surprise… well nothing is more sparkling new than a lil teasing end of a buttplug inserted, so I left mine under my new mini-skirt and well, the things were far beyond than expected! Lol!

Big hoorray for me! The Crocodrile was knocked down finally! Weeee! So please, find below all the details for getting my own personal score in this round!






Training Room Set

This set is part of the gatcha from [IK] that it’s getting up at Hipster Men Event, holding on the dates from 23th March to 20th April, so hurry on and get your rares and ultrarare before they are gone forever!!! They are all low prim cost meshes, with the ULTRA quality and ULTRA detailed as the designer from [IK] makes all the little things, I think she deserves my gratefulness for the quality content she is always doing!

Do you need a Taxi to the event? Here you have!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

MarketPlaceSecond Life Mainstore – Flickr


Barbie Leather Skirt

Get your sensual desires and your inner wish to become again that dirty school girl so played in the videos and iconographied by many media! This skirt will teleport you beyond that, with the nice aprons it has like the muskeets and the included belt, all with a heavely configuration hud which will make your outfit as close to your dreams as you can realize it with your fingers.

Available for Tonic Fine, Curvy, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Hourglass, The Mesh Project.

Grab your copy here!


Cowgirl Baby Boots

These boots makes you a plus to get your copy, as they will improve your look whatever you need! From classy pointy boots to fur fashioned looking! It comes with a hud that will match all your requirements, for simple colors in leather, fur finishing in different furs, metal, sole, and so on! Keep combining your jeans and dresses with these boots, I really love them!!!

Available for Maitreya, Tonic, fine, curvy, Slink, physique, hourglass, TMP.

Come and get your copy at the marketplace!

Smut Muffin




My Lil Pony Plug Pack

This this funny friend you will get in touch with more than one fetishes acompplished. You will get that need to be filled everytime, making you prevail where other just imagine it. Also it’s a good arousal for your crush, as it will immediately mean you are ready for the action, Lol!

It comes with 2 versions of the color as well as the spanking and non spanking versions, it all depends where you will be and with whom!

Go get your copy at Mainstore!


Set of Exclusive contents only available at XXX Event!

You can get the pack of good accesories for your house, such a RLV princess baby chair with hud to change textures, some complements to naughty your floor such as the champagne glasses and the spreaded anal plug, a set of king and queen wall lamps… All of them with a huge quality and nice textures to apply, not to count the high quality animation on the chair, you gotta have some fun!

Get your Taxi to XXX Event Here!


 My 1ST Masterbate Bear PK 2

And for all of you that thinks that your plushie time is over is because you didn’t try other ways to explore your new discovered adult facete with your clit ally. Lol!!! Let’s get dirty with that tender plushy so you can discover some handful discoveries around, and who knows if you can apply all that learned visually on Real Life!!

Comes in 3 colors – Blue, Pink and Purple, with 7 Solo High quality animations to let your discover you inner Goddess!!

Get your copy copy at the marketplace!!




Off Shoulder Lifted Top

Well, let’s call that a “Top”, more like a piece of drap that only makes you to show more than needed to arousal. It’s explicit, dirty, kinky and naughty, but, what the hell, I adore it!!! Makes me feel enough slut for go further with my crush, as he knows exactly what I want, and the role when playing are much more clear!

It comes with a handy color hud that makes you choose between all the color gamma from the SL universe.

Get grab a copy of this handful Top here!







This great Letter combo with all the abecedary, comes in all in one pack that will make the most experimented decorators to fulfill all their needs on new and trendy backgrounds.

Get you deal at Mainstore and Marketplace!

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