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This side is mine!

This side is mine!

Hi my beloved Raccoons!

As I told you in my previous post, this night my crush and me had some discussion about the side of the bed to be occupied by each one, so well, we might be talking, discussing even argumenting, but at the end I owned all the bed for me and he stayed at the very end of the bed, lol!

So once again I’d like to show you some very nice goodies I’m reaching to you for let you check them!




Unicorn Bedroom

This amazing and cute set is an exclusive for the Gacha Life Event, running from 9th to 30th April. The whole set might be a mess to get, but it deserve all the efforts for sure! The Rare bed becomes with very fancy Adult animations, which will make some of your kinky dreams really true, lol!

The rest of the sets becomes with very cute and really nice unicorn decorated furniture, such as the shelf, the carpet, the heart picture frame (just to put up to 3 pictures you take inworld or uploaded), two kind of pillows, a side table, an automatic color change wall hanged unicorn and a unicorn plushie which can be worn to get your unicorn love all around!

Grab your seat and go for your unicorn room here! (unitl 30th April)

Daddy’s Choice Designs



Valentina Pajama Pants (Her) / Valentino Pajama Pants (Him)

Those pajama pants are simply incredible to the detail, well rigged, suitable for every body he and me have, with a good hud with sweet textures on it… what else you can ask for a pajama pant? Even is suitable to go elsewhere as you will pass almost umpredictable as you are wearing a pajama pant for the good quality it has! (Ideal for those who don’t like to dress on after a long night at bed, lol)

For her, available on Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Maitreya, eBody Classic and Curvy, Slink Physique and Hourglass, TMP and standard sizes. You can get your copy HERE!

For him, available on Adam, Aesthetic, Gianni, Jake, Slink, TMP and standard sizes. Get your own HERE!





Jillian Evolution

This nice shirt is a very good old school T-Shirt to remember some of the most significant years around, so you have three options to get your T-Shirt with very nice options to could customize it, as you can have on your hud the opportunity to have different decorations on the front and on the back. So it’s your choice to be more unique than before!

The t-shirts are available with a texture hud and also for Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Maitreya, eBody Classic and Curvy, Slink Physique and Hourglass, TMP and regular sizes bodies.

You have three year options to grab: 1.978 (HERE), 1.984 (HERE) and 1.990 (HERE)

Alli&Ali Designs


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Unicabelle Hair

What else you can fit into a unicorn bedroom than a unicorn itself? So grab your hair and get that unicorn feeling with it! That’s the proposal from A&A that we bring to you today, an exclusive for the Dazzle Event until 25th April. There are all the color gamma that A&A proposes to us always, so you can have the Unicabelle Hair from the plainest hairs, like regular black and white gamma, brunette, blonde gammas, to the unicorn, colored gammas.

What are you waiting to grab your copy HERE! Hurry until 25th April!

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