The Queen of the Beach!

Welcome abroad, my fellow Raccoons!

As the sunny day it is, I’ve decided to go to the beach and have a little relax there enjoying the new creations from my sponsors! So let’s have a look at them!

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]


White Seduction Jumpsuit

Well, what can I say about this great creator, she already knows our will to seduce, and applies all her knowledge on her creations, so I bet she has a deep knowledge on how do we need to feel and what do we want to get our seduction go wild! This jumpsuit just make all the pleasure to seduce without getting too exposed to any sight, so the imagination plus what we show is all a must to get to our knees the whom we are targeting!

There are three variants for this jumpsuit, in white, coral and black colors. And it’s available for Maitreya and Slink Physique and Hourglass.

Come and get your own at the mainstore or the marketplace!



Zip Heels

These pair of high heel shoes makes it wonderful to complete any seductive outfit, or just being with only them! (You already know what I mean! Lol!) The finishings are so great that this woman knows what we want at our feet, I got no complain to her and just bow on her creations! They are wonderful! To complete the good looking, there’s a zip behind the shoe that it’s just awesome!

It comes with a texture hud so you can customize it in a very suitable colors this great creator has made for us, which will make you complete your look in any situation.

Come and grab your pair of high heeled shoes at the mainstore or the marketplace!

Sweet Evil



Crown of Shells

We are all descendants from inhabitants of the sea, so we can call us all mermaids, but just some of us can be really called so! On the glamour, seduction and hability to retain male’s attention, only few of us can be called mermaid, so I want to crown myself as one of them! And what else to be crowned like a seashell crown? This sweet creator already know it and make us a crown to realize that we all are so great to let us get as many men as we want! Lol!

This is a Secret Affair Event exclusive that will be hold from June 5th to July 5th! Check your marks in order to have a seat on the event location! (Landmark still to be announced!)


.:Tm:. Creation



Creator’s Facebook & Flickr

Nature Instant garden scene GM14 & GP11 Flowers in Wooden Bucket

See the fox on the background? See the rabbit? See all the detailed and caring content that this AMAZING creator has put in every detail? Well, this effort is just a part of the dedicated content for landscapping she have, with a very quality nose to detect de detail, to prevale it above everything and make all her creations with a very good taste. As a result there is her creation for the Home and Garden Expo which she’s taking part of with the garden scene, which you can really put everywhere as it’s so convenient to make any landscapping, you cannot evade it!, and the Bucket with flowers, where the detail on everything is so close that you will almost forget it’s just in the monitor!

Come and get your copy at the event location till June 2nd and in the mainstore from June 11th!

“Stay with me” Blanket rock scene S23

And if you are on a beach, taking some sunbathing, making you all enjoy, why don’t you bring yourself a blanket? This one just makes you feel so comfy that you will fly around to get someone to try it! It’s just as amazing on the animations as the good quality on mesh is done! Simply amazing on all the details, the rocks, the ambientation, you will simply need it to complete any discrete and romantic place in the outdoors so you will be able to get a very intimate moments!

It has both PG and Adult versions for us, the kinky ones, who are delighted with all those extra movements the adult version has!

Also it’s an exclusive for the Tres Chic’s Event Decor until June 10th! And also available at the mainstore from June 11th! Hurry up!

Tropical Plants Flowers Rocks Arrangement “M16”

Althought it was an exclusive for The Avenue Event hold in may, I want to take the opportunity that right now it’s on the mainstore to complete the look for the beach, as this great plant support with the rocks makes complete the overall sightseeing I was looking for! So it’s just simply amazing to complete any beach, or tropical look, as it simply fits anywhere!

Come and get yours at the mainstore!

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