The coffee is ready

The coffee is ready

Pretty Deceased

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.PrettyDeceased. Berry Set

Outfit set composed by a Sweatshirt and Skirt with Fishnet Stockings.

The fatpack comes with 5 HUDs to complete customize it as following:

  • Sweatshirt Colors HUD:
    • Sweatshirt body and sleeves comes in different coloring to let you combine them.
    • 7 Plain colors
    • 4 Textures
  • Sweatshirt Quotes HUD:
    • 13 Quotes to change the words into the sweatshirt
  • Skirt Colors HUD:
    • 6 Plain Colors
    • 4 Textures
  • Fishnet HUD:
    • Hide/Show Entire Fishnet
    • Hide/Show Lower Fishnet Only
    • Hide/Show Upper Fishnet Only
    • 6 Plain Colors
  • Skirt Accesories HUD:
    • Hide/Show Chain
      • 6 Metal Colors for the Chain
    • Hide/Show Tags
      • 9 Tag Quotes
    • Puff Size Settings
      • 5 Plain Colors for the Puff

The Outfit Set is available for the following bodies:

  • Maitreya
  • Legacy

Body Parts used for the Pic

The coffee is ready
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