That Sweet Moment

That Sweet Moment



That sweet sensation to be on the fresh start on the morning, hearing all the new sounds of the nature coming out, the freshness of the wind on a new morning start. The sky is bright as the Sun becomes to go higher and higher. You never know what will come after the first sunlight, but on days like this is always worthy to spend some time just relaxing at the grass and enjoying the day.


Let the sun embrace you, let the new day comes to you, let the light shine on your darkness, let the mind know that the long night is gone…


Savannah Dress – Le Fashion Whore

New Release for March’s XXX Event, starting 15th March.

Available in Megapack, 2 Fatpacks (Fishnet & Solid) and Single color available.



Second Life XXX Event Location: from 15th March to 6th April.


XXX Event Facebook:

XXX Event Blog:


Le Fashion Whore





Irumaru Yuhara



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