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Thinking out loud…

Thinking out loud…     I like to think about you in the most unusual ways, reminding the times you are with me, touching me, caressing me, taking me to the farthest corner of the universe just moaning… I like to recover all those moments when you get me into your arms, feeling secure, feeling…

BouBouKi | Alisa 

♥ BouBouKi ♥     BouBouKi: Alisa  You will have been impressed by the dirty things I write to you. Maybe you think my love is a dirty thing. It is, my dear, at times Prejudices should not let people not fully enjoy sex. New! Exclusive for ELITE EVENT 1st March LM: HTTP://MAPS.SECONDLIFE.COM/SECONDLIFE/VOGUE/224/186/22

[[IGGI]] | Marcia Lingerie

??[[IGGI]] ??   [[IGGI]] – Marcia Lingerie   Top & Panties Venus, Isis, Freya ]Maitreya [Slink Physique ,HourGlass [✔]TMP HUD 30 Textures   Marketplace: Main Store: 

[[IGGI]] | Molly Set

??[[IGGI]]??   [[IGGI]] – Molly Set [[IGGI]] – Molly Set [Top & Shorts ] Venus, Isis, Freya ]Maitreya [Slink Physique ,HourGlass TMP HUD Top 30 Textures [HUD Shorts 10 Denim Textures   MarketPlace: Main Store: 

Cranked | YC Baseball Cap Clean

♥Cranked♥   YC Baseball Cap Clean Hipster Fair 2018 Date Feb. 17 to March 3 Event !!!!  

BouBouKi | Zina Set

BouBouKi   ♥ Zina Set♥ Corset    Alejandro Fernández – Se Me Va La Voz EXCLUSIVELY (Discounted only for the duration of the event) for REDEUX EVENT Feb 14th-21st LM 

:BouBouKi: Leg Harness 

♥ :BouBouKi: Leg Harness   Marketplace   EXCLUSIVE FOR TWE12VE EVENT opens: Feb 12th LM Here ♥

::XT:: – Kim Lace Dress

♥XTRAVAGANCE♥ ::XT:: – Kim Lace Dress [LAce Dress [Venus, Isis, Freya []Maitreya [Slink Physique ,HourGlass []eBODY []TMP [] HUD 25 Textures   MarketPlace:…/13979799   Second Life Landmark: