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I found myself

I found myself     Last night I was wondering where I can find you just to keep trying to hear your voice. Last night I was dreaming on how I can make you stay by my side. Last night I was just submitted into misery to don’t have you by my side. Last night…

That Sweet Moment

That Sweet Moment     That sweet sensation to be on the fresh start on the morning, hearing all the new sounds of the nature coming out, the freshness of the wind on a new morning start. The sky is bright as the Sun becomes to go higher and higher. You never know what will…

Treze. Leila Dress

Treze. Leila Dress     Second Life Location: MarketPlace: Flickr: Facebook: Treze Designs

::XT:: – Kim Lace Dress

♥XTRAVAGANCE♥ ::XT:: – Kim Lace Dress [LAce Dress [Venus, Isis, Freya []Maitreya [Slink Physique ,HourGlass []eBODY []TMP [] HUD 25 Textures   MarketPlace:…/13979799   Second Life Landmark: 

:XT:: – Marla Dress

:XT:: – Marla Dress     @Xtravagance Dress sis, Freya♥ Maitreya♥Slink♥ Physique♥ ,HourGlass | HUD 25 Textures   MarketPlace:   Second Life Location: 

[Sexy Princess] Lucy Black Dress

[Sexy Princess] Lucy Black Dress ♥♥     Tonight let me be your dark princess at your side, let me shine for you, let me proudness about me. I’m your submissive, I need you to feel like the most prominent man in the world. Tonight let me shine for you. Tonight let me wear my sweet…

learn to love

Learn to Love | LANA … MI MUNDO ES Lana Moon..

♥️ Learn to love ♥️ LANA … MI MUNDO ES Lana Moon..♥️♥️   ♥️ Uno aprende a amar, no cuando encuentre a la persona perfecta, sino cuando aprenda a creer en la perfección de una persona imperfecta. ♥️One learn to love, not when you find the right person, only when you learn to believe in…

Submission – Sexy Princess – Tania Dress

Submission ♥️[Sexy Princess] ♥️     Tania Dress   As soon as the sun falls over the horizon, as soon as the night becomes a reality, here I am, waiting for you, waiting for the reality comes from the dreams I had.   I’m happy to please you, I’m happy to get you between my…