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[Sexy Princess♥

[Sexy Princess] Melenia Blue     Second Live Event Location:   Second Live Marketplace:

Sexy Princes♥

[Sexy Princess] Layla Skirt     Second Life Marketplace: Second Life Event Location:


.: Lekilicious Store:. Urban Set     LM EVENT-CRAZY-FASHION “Event-Crazy-fashion”  

[IK] Steel Bind Set

[IK] Steel Bind Set From 14th December until 5th January at The XXX Event   See Inworld Dagger Rainier InsurreKtion

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  [Sexy Princess] Janele Light Blue Jeans [Sexy Princess] Janele Black Jeans [Sexy Princess] Janele Blue Jeans [Sexy Princess] Janele Brown Jeans [Sexy Princess] Janele Red Jeans [Sexy Princess] Vai Crop Sweater Blue [Sexy Princess] Vai Crop Sweater Pink [Sexy Princess] Vai Crop Sweater Red INWORLD SURL Lacrima Angeles Sexy Princess


Rendición   [IK] Medieval Dinning Set – Blogger Pack Exclusive at We <3 Role-Play, from 4th until 31th December. Discount for the event 25%.   WEB [IK] MARKETPLACE FACEBOOK PAGE TWITTER TUMBLR FLICKR GROUP PINTEREST MAINSTORE INSTAGRAM E-MAIL