Sunbathing with my BFF

Hi my fellow Raccoons!

Just today it’s so shinning and I wanted to take a bath at the pool, so I called my BFF Kala and went out to take some swim at the pool and take some sunbathing, but at the end we ended just cuddling each other and making confidences like two teenagers, lol!

It was such a pleasant time that I wanted to keep record of it, it’ll be years of memories with!

So well, let’s start introducing the wonderful items my sponsors have to show you!

Event Crazy Fashion


Event Location

From June 8th to 30th


~Dream Factory~ – Mini Bikini

With Color hud, available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya and Slink Physique and Hourglass.

Come and get your copy at the event location!

.:Tm:. Creation



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B11.a Sweet Time ADT Blankets & Pillows + Decors

Just another great release from our great creator! This girl really knows how to make such great decoration to fill all our needs. This blanket comes with pillows and some nice decoration, such as the clock you see behind me and on the side of Kala, and also a really nice cat (I had no space to fit it in, Sorry!! >.<!)

Plus it comes in two combination, the usual PG version, and also the Adult ones, just for the kinky as us, which enjoys all the full combo she has put in, with all the bento and non bento animations of an extreme quality!

It’s also an exclusive of the Lost & Found Event, which will be hold till June 18th! Come and hurry to take your copy at the event location!!!

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