Submission – Sexy Princess – Tania Dress


♥️[Sexy Princess] ♥️


Submission - Sexy Princess - Tania Dress

Submission – Sexy Princess – Tania Dress


Tania Dress


As soon as the sun falls over the horizon, as soon as the night becomes a reality, here I am, waiting for you, waiting for the reality comes from the dreams I had.


I’m happy to please you, I’m happy to get you between my lips, between my hips. Feel me, smell me, feel I’m what you ever want me to please you. I’m yours, I’m your submission, your submissive, that it’s something noone can change, that is something a submissive cannot retrieve to her Master, so please I beg you on my knees to keep me on your side, I deeply need you to keep all my devotion to you, I beg you to come here at night so I can finally end my dream and begin my reality to please all your desires.


Just hold me tight to you, grab me whenever you want me to, I’ll follow you blinded and folded, whenever you want me, whatever you want me do for you.


So please, come, day has been too long, long for waiting you, long enough to let my mouth become dry without your fingers in. Please come and fill me that night after all day dreaming about you.


Let my dreams becomes our reality.

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