Submission – [Sexy Princess] Sonia Lace Dress

Submission | [Sexy Princess] Sonia Lace Dress



Submission - [Sexy Princess] Sonia Lace Dress


[Sexy Princess] Sonia Dress ♥️


I must obey your commands, your words, I’m your submission, giving you all the enlightment who makes you to light all the candles ahead, to light my own candle. Don’t let my candle to burn off, don’t let all sudden a intense cold wind to come all over my heart.


Come, please come to me, I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting all the way you want me to, I will put my efforts through my veins to let you visit and spank me if I don’t do all your orders. My way to be is just as this, as a submissive to your view, to your eye, to please you. To feel pleasure, desire and devotion in all my acts to you. Keep my head and my eyes looking at you, begging for your presence, begging for your lips and body, all my please is yours, my submission is yours.


Come over here, find me laid on the floor, next to the candles, with my own heart as a candle waiting for you to light it on. Come over here, I’m just here tied to your desires. Come over here, please, Master… My submission is all yours…



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