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My submission to you means that nothing is relevant without you, you are the center of my everything, you deserve all my atention and atentions, I need to serve you, to obey you, to give everything of me to you, I’m nothing with you, and noone will fullfill my desires than you.


My submission to you means that your thoughts, your ideas your desires are my pleasure, my obsession, my passion for you, they are what I’m willing to do, what I’m ordered to do. Nothing else is more important than the moment you open your mouth just to tell me what to do, to open your eyes to look at me saying without words your real meaning.


My submission to you is to know you and your desires till the point you won’t never need to open your mouth to say anything else, as I will understand you before you even know what you want. That’s something I have with you and that’s the link noone will ever break between you and me. It’s stronger than the diamond, it’s colder than ice, it’s hotter than a volcano.


Mu submission to you is just like some usual thing in my life, I beg for your attention, for your desire, for your punishing when I do something I need you to forgive. When something goes wrong and I need you to protect me, when something goes wrong and I need you to calm me down. You are my best medicine, you are my closest tree to get under. Just don’t let nothing wrongs comes and happens to me. Just let me obey you while you protect me from the external things that are hurting me.



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