Shh, everything is ready when they awake

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Shh, everything is ready when they awake


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MOoH! Christmas Gacha

Exclusive Decoration Gacha Set for the Driftwood Event, from 5th December to 5th January.

The gacha set is composed by different Christmas decoration elements, from wooden decoration figures, wooden soldiers toys, a modern decoration christmas tree, a full christmas tree with a wooden train, a decorated fireplace and, of course, wrapped gifts!

All the items are from 1Li to 10Li, so there’s no place to arge about prims!

After the event, the gacha set will be available at the MOoH! Mainstore.

MOoH! Christmas puppy

Exclusive decoration item for the Grumpy Santa Hunt, from 3rd to 31th December.

The hint to find it at the MOoH! Mainstore is:

My dog ate my Christmas present!

Let’s find it!

MOoH! Reindeer plushy

Exclusive Decoration Plushie for the Peace on Heart Hunt, from 1st to 31st December.

Cute Reindeer Plushie sitting in a mess of christmas lightings.

The hint for this one is:

Sit down and have a cow!

For sure you will find it!

Shh, everything is ready when they awake
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