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[Sexy Princess] Lucy Black Dress

[Sexy Princess] Lucy Black Dress 


Lucy Black Dress


Tonight let me be your dark princess at your side, let me shine for you, let me proudness about me. I’m your submissive, I need you to feel like the most prominent man in the world. Tonight let me shine for you. Tonight let me wear my sweet black dress. Tonight would be a memorable night to let you feel the MAN.


I feel confident and safe with my dress, makes my body feel comfortable and sexy, I don’t need to wear more accessories, I just want you to know beforehand that nothing is under the black dress, to let you make access whenever you want to me, my disposition for you is full and I need you to make use of me, to make me feel safe on your side, you are my owner, your orders are my pleasure.


But let me tell you just one secret about that black dress, it’s full of stories that probably would be related afterwards, it’s just probably a simply dress on other’s eyes, but you should know that I just made it for you, you are my divine inspiration to let me improve, to let me go further, to let me be just more dependant of you, my submission is yours, and letting me shine for you is the only way I can find right now to make you feel and let you look at me with more attention.


But please, Lord, let me wear this black dress…


“Al mismo tiempo la otra mano separó suavemente sus piernas y comenzó a subir el viejo camino que tantas veces había recorrido en la oscuridad”.


Second Life Location:…/The Crossroads …/25/27/2501




Credits to:

Lacrima Angeles

Sexy Princess

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