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Sex Teacher


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sex teacher


Dear Sex Teacher, I’d like to thank you for all your services, you had let me know very well what I needed to learn, you are what I needed at the time I was looking for some advices, teachings and knowledge about all this world.


Dear Sex Teacher, you know all my knowledge when I began with you I was almost a novice, without anyone till the date I met you able to satisfy me. You have teached me a lot of things, from the beginning, from knowing my own body in front of you, when you made me explore all my body, with my own hands in front of a mirror, looking at me and you behind me, staring at me and letting me know what I’m doing wrong or what I can make to improve my own knowledge and pleasure about my body.


Dear Sex Teacher, you have put a lot of understanding about what a link could provide to pleasure, what a simply order could satisfy me without even touch nor letting do anything else, I’ve learnt that simply let the things happens is enough to feel all the pleasure I can feel, now I know that I can do many things that I’ve never ever imagine that could be possible with the limited mind I had.


Dear Sex Teacher, now is the prom end, now it’s time to depart, but here I left this note, in case you want to make some more progress on me, as right now I’m begging for your presence everytime I get alone at home. Hope you will like the present I have for you, and have everytime you like to, as I feel I’m owing you much more than just a thank you.

LM !

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