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Dressed for you only with Red Lips

BouBouKi: Aliki


red lips


This night I’m waiting for you just dressed with some dark clothes, just short and not letting much to imagination dark clothes. What I’m sure when I meet you at the door is that only my red lips will prevail.


My clothes will be all of a sudden dissapear between your fingers, all fixed in anxiety to meet your body, to feel your skin, to feel your touch on me, memorizing all my body. Just dressed only with my red lips.


Let my mind blow, let my body sweat, let my soul suffer with your intensity, let me all burden in pleasure with you, what I only want now is you, to let me evade all this world, all this waiting, all this intense pain suffered from other sides that I can’t control. Let me let you know that you only can control me, you can only control my life, as I need it to stop suffering, I need it to stop thinking, I need it just to feel you, and just only you.


I’d can be in chain if you just order me so, I’d can be in chains, but never imprisoned by anyone that’s not you. You have the keys of my life, you have the will on me, you have whatever I ever wanted from a man, just let me cover you with my red lips.

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