Rebel, MA non troppo…

The veces Uno should be rebellious, by councils, by Diferenciarse… Aunque sea to hide.
Sometimes I must be rebel, as a need, just to be different… Even if I have to hide.
Sometimes you have to be rebellious, out of necessity, to differentiate… Even if it's hidden.

* Glasses/Sunglasses/sunglasses: Airplane Sunglasses

* Anillos of Uñas/nail rings/nails: Exclusive nail ring from 5th to 31th August at The darkness montly Event

* Touched/hat/hat: * LODE * hat-Bittersweet [white]

* Top: Calypso Set Plains PACK

* Cuerpo/Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1

* Cabeza/Head/heads: Katya Catwa Head

* Cabeza/Head applicator Applier/Head applicator: Belleza Lianne Catwa

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