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Hi my sweated Raccoons!

Today’s has been a very hot day here! But we got lucky and get some fresh air with us, so all the high temperatures were more enjoyable as it calmed a lot the injuries coming from the sun.

As I told you yesterday, today I had a family lunch, which resulted in the tedious I have predicted before, so after the lunch, I got to home, get my swimsuit and my towel and headed down to the beach  just all straight! It was really a fun to make my afternoon there, as I got disconnected from everything just by hearing the sound of the waves crushing on the beach and the little rumor coming from the people around… Geez, that is what I needed so far, so this little go out to the beach has made my day and make me feel with enough strength to begin the week with a big smile!

So get pack all your sorrows and let’s finish this week (or begin) with a huge smile on us because we deseerve it! Let’s begin to check what the sponsors get for us for this outfit I got!

Tooty Fruity

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Swimsuit – Avelia

This great swimsuit fits to any girl like a ring on her finger, it’s just so lovely, so nice textured and rigged that you will dream with it. Also it’s a plus to make it so fashioned that you will be the envy of everyone there the beach, the pool or the pond you get used to pass your water days! It’ just so amazing to wear it, it’s sexy as well as classy, so this get a great combination for your summer outfit whenever you go! It also comes with a color hud to fit with the most favourable color as this designer has made for us!

The swimsuit is available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya and Slink Physique and Hourglass Body Systems. Also it’s an exclusive for the Jersey Shore 3 Event!

Come and get your copy before the event vanishes on June 30th! Get your TAXI HERE!



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Flowers set GACHA

This gacha set from this great designer is yet to come one of my favourite touch of the summer, as you know already how I love the flower details on me! The set is in 6 colors, while the white, pink, blue and violet comes separated as they are common, the gold and black comes in a pack and becomes the rare set for this gacha, which deserves all the whole attention,  as you  can see all the great details they have in my outfit, love them all!!!

The gacha items are only available for Maitreya body, thus it’s an exclusive for the XXX ORIGINAL EVENT!

Come and play your luck at the event location before it vanishes on July 3rd! Get your TAXI HERE!

? SassyAF™ ?

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Seren Mesh Hair

Girls, this hair with the bandana makes you look so gorgogeous! It’s a really nice creation from this designer who likes to accomplish all our dreams! The hair comes with an extensive color hud to get our hair just as the way we want, plus a bandana color hud with a very impressive designs from this creator that let us change the bandana to fit the most favourable one to our outfit! You need to keep a look on it!

Go get grab yours at the Mainstore!!!

.:Tm:. Creation

Creator’s Facebook & Flickr

[The Cascading] Rocks and Plants Scene GM15
[M17] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement CM

Always I have the possibility, blogging for this woman is a MUST! I love all the scenes, beds and furniture she does! These two sets are incredibely detailed, as you can check in the picture.

The cascade scene is just a sweetness that you can fit in any outdoor, even if it’s on the beach, the mountain, etc… as it’s really enjoyable how it looks, especially besides the water! (Just my recommendation to let it shine as the great scenario it is!). It’s an exclusive for the The Secret Affair Event – Isle of the Devil’s Sea, so hurry up to get your copy before the event ends on July 5th!

Get your taxi here!

The plant scene on my back on the picture is just as wonderful to take in count  in any beachy circumstance you can fit, as it’s really comfy and easy to use that you will love to combine with other creations from this designer, someday I’ll make a full sim just by the products of this woman! Lol! Also this decoration set is available as exclusive at the Tres Chic’s Event which will be lasting till July 10th!

Go grab your copy before the event vanishes HERE!

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