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Hi my Raccoons!

Let’s take a look to the new upcoming items from my sponsors! Hope you like them!!



Tsunami Kanzashi – 7 Riku – Purple set

This creator has me cracked down on the beautiness of their recreations of the japanese culture! This sweet set of hair accesories has 3 objects to let you look great, whatever if you are on japanese culture or not! Look like an oriental goddess with this set and expand your beauty beyond all!

The set is composed by:

  • Hana Kanzashi
  • Kushi
  • Small Kanzashi

Go grab your copy at both mainstore and marketplace!

Geta (Unisex Gift from World Tour Hunt – 2L Gift)

It’s one of the great gifts the World Tour Hunt has for you, so take profit and go to the website to get the instructions of it, or just simply go to the mainstore to get your useful hud that let you lead to this wonderful gift! The event will be held inworld until May 27th!

Go to the mainstore and get your 2L Gift!

Cart Sale Event – Sunny Side Up Round!

From May 2nd to May 16h


Event Location

Baci Shop / Kimono Spring + Obi

This sweet kimono in the pastel tonalities makes you look great, sexy and ready for some oriental action, so let’s get ready for some action!

Get your copy at the event location!

An Lema / Bratty Oselle’s Bratty Summer Landscape

This complete landscame will make you forget all your problems while you stay there, getting some nice pics, relaxing time hearing music or just enjoying the sightseeing it provides. With a very good quality finishings and plenty of details, you will enjoy all the quality time it gives to you!

Go and grab yours here!

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