Need some help?

Need some help?

Hi my fellow Crocodriles!

As you can see I’m Pedrito Collazo, the Irumaru’s crush… sigh, great name I’ve collected… but well, I’m taking the opportunity that Iru gave me in the past post to begin to collaborate with some of my own pics, otherwise she cannot say I do nothing else than figuring in and out, lol.

So I’ll take my time to let you introduce some men fashion for you, aside with other goodies like decoration, backgrounds and some landscapping I’m doing with the great collaboration of Iru’s mind! I hope you all enjoy all the pics together, as we are highly confident that both styles will fit any taste around.

Needless to say that we would like to hear from you about what you want us to post and also what you want to see from SL!

For now, let’s see what I’m wearing for today, as both Iru and me went together for some travel around, I think we miss the last bus home!

Daddy’s Choice Designs


Daniel Shirt

Here you have a very good quality mesh for a shirt and undie long sleeved shirt combo, with very nice color matching hud for both parts, high quality mesh texture and really nice body rigged. You will find that wearing it you will get more than one outfit combination suitable for all kind of enviroinments, from getting just walking, to partying at all!

Available for Adam, Aesthetic, David, Gianni, Jake, Slink, TMP and standard bodies.

Find your copy here!


Terry Jeans

These jeans are not the typical fitted you can actually find everywhere, these jeans I can say are THE JEANS! Man, you can actually see a LOT of jeans that makes you feel your leg like you are wearing a woman leggings, not many designers decides to make more like a real life jeans, and more even for men, which we seem like the lost genre into the fashionist world in Second Life.

So I beg you to try them out, as they are really comfy for look, they are perfectly rounded up on the bodies I’ve tried (Jake, Gianni and Slink) and the nice hud with the varieties of textures and colors makes them a good opportunity to enjoy the good sensation to wear a real life alike jeans to feel comfy around without loosing style!

Available for Adam, Aesthetic, David, Gianni, Geralt, Altamura, Jake, Slink and standard size bodies.

Go grab your own here!





LEON Sneakers Male

Man, if someone knows about make high quality shoes, you can bet Kokoia is a safe bet around, good quality mesh, best quality finishing, all original and probably the most suitable price around, what else you can have on mind to don’t take a pair with you? It also comes with a nice hud of colors and finish that will make you forget about to choose a color like other manufacturers try to let you make the decision when you need to purchase the right ones.

They are also a good mesh rigging, being available to Jake, Gianni, Slink and Adam Bodies!

Go get your try here!

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