May I ask you if…?

May I ask you if…?

Hi my dear Raccoons!

As the day passes on, I feel more in need to express myself, so from time to time I like to rebel from my crush and get somekind dominant… somekind, lol!

So I’d like to take the opportunity to these goodies that I find you will like a lot as I do already! Let’s go to introduce them!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

MarketPlaceSecond Life Mainstore – Flickr


BDSM “Barbie” Thigh Whip black

This is a MUST to have for all us switches and femdoms, as it’s really a pleasure to feel the contact of such accesory. Good mesh with options for left and right leg positioning, and also the option to wear the scripted whip on the hand with the holder left empty to make the experience more real. Really nice accesory indeed!

Go get your copy here!

Whipped Dream animated Whip Necklace

This necklace has some surprises in! Aside to be a really nice texturized Whip Necklace, it becomes with a hud that makes you immediately wear it directly and begin the fun whipping out your prey!

Go get fun with this sweet necklace here!

Steampunk Sunglasses Zodiac

I do really love these sunglasses, as I do really love all that has to mean something about Zodiac. I proudly wear them as my own zodiac, Pisces, and I’m in love with the customization options it has, as the hud makes you to definetively tune your sunglasses in every detail. So, what are you waiting for?

Go get your ones here!

Fitted Belly Chain Sun Moon Stars

This belly chain is so sweet and beautiful that I can’t resist to blog it more than a time everytime my belly is available to show it. It’s really well scripted and texturized, with a nice hud to customize it without any more problem to choose the metal look and the kind of stone to put. And it does feel so sexy!

Get your sexyness bumped up here!





Cyber Backdrop

This backdrop is a hugh improvement on your photos, as it includes the lights needed to capture the moment at the scenary, making you remember how good is to play with more things aside the SL Lights.

Keep improving your skills here!

Alli&Ali Designs


BlogFacebook – Flickr – Youtube


Marilyn Hair Mesh

This hair will take your avi to the Marilyn look, as it’s really close to, really good design and of course, with all the usual available colors from A&A, so you will get your own Marilyn style without being blonde at all!

Come get and grab your copy here!

MarketplaceInworld MainstoreWebsite



The Gia – Panties & The Gia – Top

And there is nothing else around to complete an outfit than the outfit itself. It’s really a pleasure to work with this great creator, as she already knows how a woman likes to feel to get sexy and sensual! With this outfit you will get comfy, sexy and sensual to combat all the femdom accesories around, so it’s like a sweet couterpart to all the rudeness showed! They are an exclusive for the Red Light District Event!

Go get your copy here!




Sweet Glitter Rainbow Bone Crushers

And wow, those crushers are so WOW that I can’t doubt that the creator made them in not all the colors this sweet shop already does. They are just the sparkle you need on your freshness look! As the sparkles is what you have as an addon to your boots! Yeah! They make a very nice glittering effect that you cannot miss aside as the high quality texturing and mesh work they do with this practically masterwork from Epic.

Get your sweet nice pair of the crushers here!  They are at a very nice disccounted price for few days! GO GET THEM! >.<‘

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