May I ask you a question?

May I ask you a question?

Hi my Raccoons!

Today I feel excited because I met my crush and we get some quality time together, so I decided to be a little bit kinky trying to seduce him, but geez, he’s hard to convince! Anyway, did you believe I had convinced him? Lol! I want to hear your comments!

Here you have all details from him and me! Go check them all and get all your outfits ready for some awesome time!!!

  • What’s on him:

Daddy’s Choice Designs

Mainstore Marketplace


Benito Suit

It’s a really nice Suit with Diplomatic Lining in it, and a complete hud plenty of colors to choose from, even the buttonery, so in an overall it’s a must have for all the opportunities, from interviews, dances, close meetings, or even close dates, lol! The suit is available for Adam, Aesthetic, David, Gianni, Jake, TMP and Standard Sizes.

Give a try here!

  • What’s on me:

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]



Elleria Bodysuit

This sweet bodysuit is an exclusive for the event The Guest List Cart Sale from 13th to 22th April. It comes with a hud plenty of sexy colors and nice textures you cand build up your own fantasy. Available for Maitreya and Slink Phisique and Hourglass.

For the ones who didn’t notify, you can get it on the following link.





Metal Rose Lights + Rose Hud

See those beautiful roses on the floor? They are so sweet and they are a exclusive at ::Suicide DollZ:: The darker side of your SL Event (from 8th to 20th April) from this sweet brand. They come with some floor sparkles and with a nice hud to control the colors, with some nice sweet colors to put them at your taste. Go get and grab them here!


Windtunnel Backdrop

Ok, it’s a previous release from #Cranked# for the past Suicide Dollz event, but it’s still nice to check it out in different uses! I love it already, you can check this and other some more at the mainstore!




Enchained Heels 

These suit pair of high heeled shoes comes with a nice hud with sweet textures, in both textile and leather finishing, which will make you shine whenever you go with them! It’s an exclusive for the Black Fair Event from 6th to 20th April, so what you are waiting to get your copy of them? Hurry up gurls! Available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Feet.

You can get the Taxi HERE!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

MarketPlaceSecond Life Mainstore – Flickr


2 Pearl Neck Cuff

This sweet Neck Cuff comes with a handy hud which you can change both the colour of the metal and also the kind of gem, so get yourself with a copy here!


Barbie harness Garters & Barbie Harness Armlets

These sweet and kinky pair of accesories comes with some combination of models where you can choose between some finishings and also white and black color for the main part. Available for Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass and TMP Bodies.

You can try the Garters here and the Armlets here!

Alli&Ali Designs


BlogFacebook – Flickr – Youtube


Skye Hair Mesh

This great hair comes with a hud to control the color tone that you choose for yourself, with multiple variants with, as I’m really satisfied with the hairstyle and also the blonde selection they have! This special variant from A&A comes also with some flowers (as you have seen in my previous posts I LOVE FLOWERS!) which you can tint with the hud and also select if you want to show or not, which is always a plus!

Come grab your copy here!

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