Lost in the Forest | [Sexy Princess] Corset Mini Dress

Lost in the Forest

[Sexy Princess] Corset Mini Dress 


Lost in the Forest


Once again found me again, lost in the forest, looking for something else I might be look for at the beginning. Probably was some berries, probably just some mushrooms, right now I don’t know, I’ve lost all my north and my senses as soon as the it becames envolving me.


The light between the trees keep me captived, lost several hours just figuring out here, staring at the different forms the light forms between the leaves, it’s something magical I can’t expect to find anywhere else. Something has got me captived here, something lies beneath the forest, this magical one.


I can feel all the wind flowing through the trees, the grass under my feet makes me feel safe and fragile, whith those tiny dots of water in the leaves making my feet feel somekind humid and volatile. I know now I’m safe here between all those trees, I can feel I can live inside this magical forest, I can feel it’s protecting me for all the pain outside whenever I’ve come before. Nothing makes sense before I enter here, nothing was possible before I leave all the past.


It has became my life, this is my entire new world, my little kindgom, my little treasure noone would prevale, just I feel this is my new house, the place that can claim me, the place that I just want to rest for my entire life, probably that makes sense looking that apple I just found bitten with some palm leaves…

“He sospechado alguna vez que la única cosa sin misterio es la felicidad, porque se justifica por sí sola.”

[Sexy Princess] Corset Mini Dress 


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Second Life Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/…/The Crossroads …/55/39/2502


Credits to:
Lacrima Angeles

Sexy Princess


Lost in the Forest

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