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Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I’d like to keep up the progress to show the event news from this great event! So let’s get further to show some new items!

Cart Sale Event – Sunny Side Up Round!

From May 2nd to May 16h


Event Location

Elgund & Nilsson – Blooming Top & Blooming Pants

A nice set to create a versatile outfit that will make you look as great as you are in a very blossom style. You can be sure that you will be comfy in this set and attract the eyes of whom you pass thru.

So come and get your copy here!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes – Kai Turquoise

Very nice proposition from this brand to get your shoes in a very unique fashion style, combining both retro and actual looking to make a very nice design that will make you fit your options to go out in a very formal way or just go casual with a retro touch.

Go get your pair here!

Fantasy China – Fairy Blue Flowers Plant / Purple Flowers Plant / Green Window Plant

These three decorations becomes individual at the event, but you can create a very nice visual effects with them to look an outdoor or indoor looks with very nice touch, as  they are full mesh individual objects.

Improve your visual decoration with a very low price here!

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