Let’s take the first dive!

Hello my fellow Raccoons!

Today has been a very sunny day, and I live near the beach, so I was just imagining to be just there with my crush taking some sunbath and tanning our bodies just on the sun. The idea of having him just close to me with the swimming boxer makes me feel horny! Lol!

But closest to the dream there is the reality, so I just try to focus on what I have now, sighting on the next future close to him and counting the days to feel him close to me! Hope they will pass soon, otherwise I’ll get crazy! \o/

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]
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Let’s shake out from ourselves the last cold days of the season and let’s put our most sexy bikini to go out! Let’s invade the beaches and go like bitches around for shake of our crushes! We are divine and nobody can stop us! And this designer has just the key for us! All our bows to her! Lol! This bikini set has a really nice touch of care, design and texture composition that makes it really enjoyable and a pleasure to wear, no alpha to touch, no body shape to redesign, just forget about all those old and unfashioned days to take place to the great designs like she is proposing to us! The bikini set has a texture hud (yes, a texture, not a color hud), which makes it to combine the colors we like from the compositions she has made to us, which all of them I must sentence that are so well ended that you will like them all as I do!

Plus, the Magia bikini set is available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya and Slink Hourglass and Physique body systems.

Come in, just serve yourself a nice cold shot in the beginning of the summer, come and get your copy at the mainstore or the marketplace!

Other details from the Irumaru’s Picture:

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