Let’s get 60’s!

Hi my dear Raccoons!

Today it’s being a great day to have all my dresses on! After some relaxing on the pool, I got a call from a friend of mine asking to go out for a party, she told me it was somekind of 60’s party, so I check out my wardrobe and prepare myself to go out. Let’s conquer the night!!

So meanwhile I’ll start my movements thru the night, let’s make a brief review of what my sponsors have for you!



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Dress Merlin

This extremely beautiful dress, ambiented on the 60’s makes me feel just like a tunnel of time just in front of me, makes me wish to be in the 60’s, relaxing with all the good music around that makes me tremble as for today, to enjoy all the good vibes of that decade!

The finishing of this dress are just divine, all the details are extremely delicated and polited, to the point that you will forget what was to adjust the alphas before! Plus the color hud in it makes you control for everything you see on the dress, from the tinyest line to the big components like the skirt. It’s just a dress with an extreme potential on it, so you really can’t miss the opportunity to have on your own this dress just for your inner excitation, but also to look as glam as a hollywood star!

The dress is only available for Maitreya body system. Plus is an exclusive for the Vintage Fair, which will be hold until June 24th!

Get your copy and feel the rock’n’roll vibes with this taxi!

The Bishes Inc.



Babygirl Shoes

These nice pair of high heeled shoes makes you shine like noone can make you shine among the multitude, as I always say about this great creator is that is a woman that knows exactly what we want to wear in our feet, it’s wonderful how she is able to read our minds and realizes that.

These shoes comes with a hud that makes you control all the textures with the really nice set of colors she has put in the hud. Where you can control from the color of the metal parts, the laces on the front, the sole or the main color, making a very good sightseeing, and pleasant to look at.

They comes for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink feet system.

Come and get your copy at Mainstore or the Marketplace!

.:Tm:. Creation



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[Wood Planter] Mix Plants and Flowers GP12

This nice set of planter, plants, water pot and even a cat is from this great creator which puts the detail to the limit, making so good results on all these pieces that we could call them a masterwork on everything she makes! This set also will make your outdoors or indoors if you select the location properly just like as rustic to make the complete overall look of your house just more comfortable, classy and with enough good impression to feel proud of!

This set is an exclusive for The Chapter Four event, until June 30th! So get hurry and get your set at the event location!

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