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Hi my sweet Raccoons!

This weekend has made me open my eyes on many things, I feel more focused, more quiet, more paced and afterall, less stressed! So I want to thank you for all your late support on me, has been some comments about my work that made me feel better with myself, and after all feel more supported to keep ahead my work!

So, after this bunch of energy, let’s see the new products coming from the sponsors!

Tooty Fruity

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Tank Kiki

This sweet yet kinky tank top makes you get all the lust from whom looks at you, also it’s a really self-confidence top in the way that you will get just your reafirmation on your feminity. Not only for youngster looks, but also for those women like us that enjoys to tease, to feel attractive and feel confident on our daylife!

The tank top comes with a color hud to let you combine the look in the sweet textures the creator has made for it. Available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya and Slink Hourglass and Physique body systems.

Get your copy at the mainstore!

Knee High Boots – Alicia

These pair of high boots, with the bright leather finish makes your look as sofisticated and sexy as you can ever imagine. You will feel comfy and self-confident with them, as for sure more than one will ask you for something aside about where you get them. As for that question, you will have a simply answer, get your exclusive at The Darkness Event!

In the event you will get the individual color pair or the fatpack with all the colors, as usual, where you can check the hud that comes with the fatpack that you will get combined with anything you can put on you making a satisfactory outfit with them! And the fatpack it’s only 50 Lindens more expensive than the simple color one, so it’s a sure bet to get!

Go get them at the event location!

Smut Muffin



Demin Ripped Skirt

This mini skirt will make your kinkyness to get elevated to the sky, it’s just probably simply yet imaginative and let your imagination flow just to a new levels. This woman know how to do the kinky things, knows to do it and shows her love doing them! The ripped jean texture is so nice that combines perfectly with the kinkyness to show with it!

It’s only available for Maitreya bodies.

Get your kinky copy at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

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Passion Fitted Necklace

This metal ring necklace will make you remember some of the african wedding ritual, where the bride is presented to the man with this metal ring necklace. So let’s start our own bridal dance and folklore just giving them a try, as they look so perfect on our own skin, as they enhance our look and makes a sexy and elegant look at us as well. It also comes with a nice color hud where you can get the perfect match for your clothes!

Available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, TMP and Tonic body systems.

Come and get your ring necklace at the MarketPlace or the Mainstore!




Backdrop Let’s stam in bed

This kinky backdrop simply don’t let too much to imagination, it’s made for the only purpose to tell your crush that he or she is just delaying too much to get you for your own. I don’t think there are other words and scenarios to let he or she thinks about. You are horny and you don’t know what else make in order that he or she gets off of the passivity. So let’s take the cards in action! And this creator has made such a good job, it’s kinky and classy, also the lighting in the backdrop is so incredible that you won’t need much more to do, I’m always impressed on the fine work and good taste of this woman!

This is an exclusive of the PreCast Event, until June 15th. Go and get your copy at the event location! Hurry up before it’s gone!

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