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learn to love

♥️ Learn to love ♥️

LANA … MI MUNDO ES Lana Moon..♥️♥️


learn to love

♥️ Uno aprende a amar, no cuando encuentre a la persona perfecta, sino cuando aprenda a creer en la perfección de una persona imperfecta.

♥️One learn to love, not when you find the right person, only when you learn to believe in the perfection of a imperfect person.


Sometimes the life shows yourself that probably you have put too much requirements to a person that at the end probably don’t will fullfill your expectations, probably that person shows other face to you that you won’t ever could expect to be shown.


These are the moments when you need to focus on what that person means to yourself, to learn to love, to your life, to your surroundings, when you use to know yourself and the other person with you. If what you believe that this person is right or it was only what he or she shows to yourself, or if it is really what he is.


These doubt moments are crucial, could make a mark on your life, on the life of the other beloved ones, even the life of your surrounded ones. This moment is unique, this moment could be about anger or forgiveness, you and the person who is showing up that moment only can decide which way you can have, which way your future days could be living.


This moment is probably what you and that person were preparing for so many time before to learn to love, with their pros and cons, and it’s the moment for decisions, for helping, for letting know exactly what are the expectations with each other, to know what will be done, what are the near and far expectations together or not. This is the moment to know each other, without masks, without no more fears, without any wall between.


This moment will begin the learn to love for you and he or she. My advice, keep the learning up.


Lana Moon


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