Kitty’s place

Hi my sexy Raccoons!

I just feel quite dazzled after the party, I know it’s still early, but I’m not used to party as long as before! (I’m getting old I think, lol!) So I barely got at home and saw a comfy place to be, I think from now on I’ll call it at home inside home, as I think it’s suitable for me in many times I’m with my crush (and Master, don’t forget about that!).

So, c’mon kitty, it’s your turn to rest where you feel like home!

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr, purr, purr

So before I got asleep, let’s introduce you, my fellow Raccoons, the news my sponsors have for you!





This leather set is absolutely gorgogeous, makes you feel just wonderful and powerful, everyone should knee in front of you. It’s astonishing as this outfit will get all the eyes from all your surrounds, making you feel confident and prepared enough to get all your orders to be accomplished. Just feel that touch in you to feel complete and saciated!

The outfit comes with armlets, the dress which includes a collar, a necklace and the boots. It’s available for Maitreya and Slink Physique and Hourglass body system.

Come and grab your copy at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!

Sweet Evil



Oopsie Body Stickers

These body stickers are probably one of the funniest, dirty and makes me want to play dirty with my Daddy, as it comes in a handy Omega applier and TMP applier, plus the layers for System Body, which will make you feel like that real Girl praying for the attention of your Daddy!

Come and become a Daddy’s Girl at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!!



Cuddle Fort

This nice fort will make you get your cuddling to another level, as your Daddy will love to cuddle you both inside and outside the fort, filled with great cushion textures, available in three colors: Cream, Blue and Pink tones.

This PG version is enough kinky to make the preliminar before going to another stance to finish the Daddy’s workaround. Or just simply enjoy the relaxable solo animations that it comes with!

Go and get your copy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

Neon Light – Naught Girl Set

These sets of neon lights comes with some handy premade phrases like “Daddy, please”, “Spank me”, “Naugty Girl”, etc… which at the end will make your room much more pleasant to let’s focus on the issue we have between our hands, or legs, or whatelse place, lol! But for sure this nice room accesory will make your room even more kinky to reach a much more appropiate place for your needs, whatever they are!

Come and grab yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!

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