It’s too sunny, even for an elf!

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

It seems that all topics begin to take the way it’s suppossed to be, as it was really a mess on the past days, unfortunately my man keeps without internet, so it’s suppossed that I need to blog her clothes and accessories too, so well, you will find again the man wear here too soon tho!

Yesterday I felt so dizzled for the sudden weather change here that I could barely do anything, so I want to take today to could you refreshed with all the news coming from the brands supporting me!

Dreaming Thicket


Hyssop Gown

This is a really beautiful gown dress, this a very incredible texturization and also all the details included in, making an overall great dress to go for a summer night party and also to get some of the classic roles around the grid. The roman-look of the dress makes it as sensual as classy, so you will fall in love with it easily, plus it comes in different colors to choose from.

It’s available to Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Slink Physique and Standard Sizes bodies.

This is also an exclusive on the We Love RP Event which will be hold until June 30th, so get hurry and grab your roman fashion on the event location!



Marina Hair

This great hair, which looks classy as it’s designed for probably vintage creations, suits so well on you that you will love to have it on your inventory for every opportunity. It’s very appropiated for gown dresses, jacket combinations and some other styles which requires some classy look. It also comes in two different styles, with and without hat, as the hat will let you feel like some pin-up girl from the 40’s and express yourself as the liberator of all the men around! It’s really great hair to get on yourself when you want to look formal dressed and also the extensive color hud and the hat color hud really helps to fill all your needs!

Go and get your own copy of this fashioned hair on the Marketplace or the Mainstore!!

Other details from the outfit:

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