It was just a dream?

Hi my great Raccoons!

Probably today has been a such long night, but well, the birds didn’t let me sleep! Ugh! It’s good to wake up with the bird song around, but not when you are just at bed and they began to sing overnight! It was a bird rave? Damn!

I promise that I didn’t even know that was a song dedicated to kill birds, lol! But well, let’s talk about the good stuff my sponsors have for us all!

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]
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Pierced Dress

I’m so glad to work with a so talented designer, she always makes me blush on the quality of their contents! This dress is really suggestive as well as attracting for the idea to being just pierced on the nipples! It makes me just think about how my daddy will look at me with that idea to not taking me out the dress just in a breeze 😉 It comes with some very detailed satin texture hud, plus the details of the laced on the bottom just make it a great overnight dress!

The pierced dress comes available for Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Tonic Fine and Curvy and eBody Curvy bodies system.

Come and get your sexy copy at the Mainstore or the MarketPlace!!

? SassyAF™ ?

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Kylie Tip Toe Flats

This great designer has made those flat shoes for our delight, to get ourselves to a new dimension on how about the sexyness could lead from the simply things. The details on the little skull on the top of the shoe with the lace is just so nice that you will love to get your outfit just to get these shoes with you. Don’t loose your opportunity to wear them! They also comes with a handy hud where you can choose the kind of velvet texture it comes with, which in my personal and honest opinion are just the perfect combination for these kind of shoes!

The tip toe flat shoes comes available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink feet systems.

Also, this is an exclusive for the Event Crazy Fashion, which begins on July 8th! (until July 30th!), here is your TAXI when the event begins!!!

Leronso Skins


Skin “Milena” (cream)

This very detailed skin, with HQ texture and good finishing, let me looks just as I whished some time ago, now my dreams are really came true with this great designer! I always wanted to look with some of those fashion models and also with those astonishing girls around, so well, this girl just know how to make it, and she does it so damn good!

The head applier comes for Catwa system heads, but the body appliers you can find it available for Maitreya, Belleza and Omega systems!

Come to get your head and body skin appliers at the Mainstore and the Marketplace!!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

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Return To LIC Choker

This great choker comes as a mainstore gift for all the ones like us subscribed to this great designer, which will make you wonderful as well as a devoted to her!

Come and get your gift at the Mainstore.

Elegante’ Bento Finger Bracelet

C’mon about this bracelet! It’s just wonderful how it fits on your arm coming from your finger, it will make you look so great that you will get all the sights around towards you! So elegant and sexy that no other kind of thing will fit on you in any envirointment! It comes also with a handy hud of colors that will make you combine with almost anything around!

Come and get your copy at the MarketPlace or the Mainstore !!!

Inner Demons

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Persei Headdress

Want to elevate your mood? Want your inner goddess to go out from you? What are you waiting to put on your head the radiant headress that will make you glow with all the shine you deserve? Reply to all your questions with this ashtonishing headress that will fit you to all your pretensions! It comes available in four colors, black, gold, silver and copper, so you needs will be completely fullfilled with this very nice rigged and detailed headdress!

Go and get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!!!

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