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I'm your princess | Captive Mind

I’m your princess

I'm your princess


Genus Head Skin.

The HUD contains both versions with and without EyeBrows.

Available in 7 skin tones.

Body appliers with freckle and non freckle versions available also in the Eudora Beauty Mainstore.

Avada~ Tovarrah Earrings

Unrigged Earrings.

Includes a Color HUD with 4 Metals.

+ 1692+ Offerings - Choker & Necklace

Unrigged Choker and Necklace

Materials Enabled

The Choker comes with quartz crystals beads and is available in black and white versions.

The Necklace comes in three versions: Black, Gold and  Silver

Body Parts used for the Pic

I'm your princess
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