I’m your kind of evil?

I'm your kind of evil?

:: MS Design :: Baby Horns

Exclusive little horns for the Flora Event, from 22th September to 17th October.

The Horns comes with 2 HUDS, Natural or Color Pack.

  • Natural Pack comes with 10 tones from pale to dark.
  • Color Pack comes with 10 colors from monocrome to each color of the rainbow in each spectrum.

Both packs have individual right and left horn ombre coloring for the tip of the horns. The chains can be taken on and off in each horn individual too. The chains has 4 metal colors inside the hud.

The horns are also modify, so you can recolor or size adjusting as per your needs.

After the event duration, the horns will be available at the MS Design Mainstore.

:: MS Design :: Net Hoodie & Sports Bra

Netted Hoodie and Sports Bra available at the MS Design Mainstore.

The set is available in 2 color with their respective HUD:

  • Dark colors (6 colors: Black, Gray, Green, Blue, Red, Purple).
  • Pastel colors (6 colors: White, Lemon, Lime, Sky, Pink, Lilac).

Inside each color pack, the sports bra has multiple options to combine.

The set is only available for Maitreya Body.

Both Sports bra and Hoodie are sold separately.

Body Parts used for the Pic

I'm your kind of evil?
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