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Hi my sweet Raccoons!

Let’s keep up the good work on and be a good girl posting my man’s pics in order to get all the work fullfilled! Lol!

I’m probably with so little hours of sleep due the hourtime difference between my country and his country, as yesterday he recovered some of the phone line, broken for  the huge increase of the temperatures in his area, plus the sudden rainstorms hold on the place, so that make a not so good combo to let him have all the good progress he would like… but well, here we are to keep it all the rock on!

So from an inspiring band as Queen is to inpiring sponsors! Let’s keep on the good quality items they have for us!

Sinful Needs


Golmon Horns

Let’s keep reviewing all the multitude and infernal products this great and quality designer has! These horns keep the good progress of the exclusive hud for customize your horns, where you can design your own color combination and effects on it, they are resizable, you as long as you are a great cyclops, or a tiny demonic elf, whatever you are, they fit on you! Warranteed! Thus the great hud makes you feel in control of every aspect of the horns, the exclusive scripting this responsable designer has made is doing well the work, so you will have probably more time playing with the hud than paying attention on what’s around you! Lol! Also, these forward spiked horns, with the subtle jewelry decoration reminds me a lot on the legends from Creta, in Greece, about the minotaur in the labirinth, but well, probably it’s my own perception, but we need to admit it’s just another masterpiece from the creator!

Go and get your copy at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Skin – Mare Lumos Male

The subtle details, the quality on pores, the detailed scars and tattoos… it’s just incredible about the quality on the detail of this skin designer, it’s totally recommended for everyone who wants to make a roleplay, no matter if it’s a demon or not, the versatility of the colors and combinations of the skin products from this designer will make you to go from an ice elemental to an inferno slayer, passing through a mermaid or even a poisonous lizard man. Whatever you plan to play, this designer has already, also the hud control of the skin applier makes you really easy to adapt every mesh adaptation to your needs, as it’s able to tint the whole body, including the head, to the tail, the genital, or whatever you have on you while it’s omega compatible.

What are you waiting to get your FHD Skin at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Mesh Tail, Spaded Bare

And I want to introduce again the mesh tail from this creator, which is a great invention with his own hud for customization, omega compatible for tail color huds, like the skin from him too! Also it comes with an full adaptable movement AO hud for the tail, where you can choose both the size and length of the tail, but also the inclination, the height of the tail, the kind of movement to made and the possiblity to have a kinky part by making it a part of your sex game!

Don’t waste more your time and go for your tail at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Other details from Ximo’s picture:

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