I’m not that angel

I'm not that angel

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:[P]:- Magalena Dress

Exclusive dress for Salem Event, from 28th September to 31th October.

The Dress with straps in the front, with a good cleaveage open, includes very nice HUDs, which are available independent as per following:

  • Plain Colors
  • Decals
  • Fades
  • Tonal

Each of the colors includes a good metallic end on the dress, plus all the dress, straps and rings can be customized independently.

The dress is available for the following bodies:

  • Maitreya
  • Belleza Freya
  • Belleza Isis
  • Legacy
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Tonic

After the event duration, the dress will be available on The Plastik Mainstore.

:[P]:- Phaen Cuffs

Exclusive set of Cuffs for Salem Event, from 28th September to 31th October.

The Cuffs are unrigged for maximum compatibility, as they are resizable and adjustable to the body needs.

The set includes 4 kind of HUDs in the fatpack:

  • Basic metal colors for the bangle and standard gem colors.
  • Colorshift Bangle Colors, for more advanced colors.
  • Colorshift Gem Colors, same as previously mentioned bangle hud.
  • Fade tones, which lets you use the fade color version of them.

The Cuff set is composed by the following items:

  • Collar
  • Right and Left Forearm Single Bangle
  • Right and Left Forearm Double Bangle
  • Right and Left Upperarm Bangle
  • Rigt and Left Ankle or Lowleg Bangle

After the Event duration, the cuff set will be available at The Plastik Mainstore.

:[P]:- Perline Horns

Unrigged Curved Horns with Pearl base, to let you customize, adjust and adapt to any size and look.

The horns have included in the fatpack the following Coloring HUDs:

  • Colors
  • Bone
  • Candycoated
  • Fades
  • Huestripe
  • Metallic
  • Ultragloss

Also, the set have included an extra attachment to could make them shinier for better looking, plus adding some effects!

[ Cinnamon Cocaine ] Demon Wings

Pair of Bento Wings, who they are actually rigged to the wing SL skeleton.

The Wings have included a control HUD, which includes some very nice options, such the AO, Poses (not only for the Wings, but to make some pictures and animations for the whole body with too), Color & Texture control, Ilumination, Special Effects, etc… a must see and have!

The Demon Pack of the Bento wings includes some set of particles as following:

  • 2 Kind of Feet Feathers Aura
  • Right and Left Dark Dust
  • Astaroth Particle Aura
  • Red Perch Crown Aura

[Suicidal Thots] Lords & Gods Gacha

Tattoo Gacha available at the Mainstore at 55L per play.

All the tattoos have appliers for the following bodies:

  • Maitreya
  • Belleza
  • Slink

Also, the appliers comes in 4 different versions of opacity, to make your own on the way the look.


Suicidal Thots - Lords & Gods Gacha

[ Cinnamon Cocaine ] Witch Aura

Witch symbols Aura which includes several kind of options like:

  • 3 kind of crown auras:
    • Pentacle
    • Third Eye
    • Triple Goddess
  • 6 kind of Pentagram Blinking Auras with different sizes
  • 4 kind of Blinking Words Auras with different sizes
  • Goddess Blinker Aura
  • Third Eye Blinker Aura
  • Black Pentagram Slow Aura
  • Third Eye Slow Aura
  • Triple Goddess Slow Aura

All these auras are black color

Body Parts Used in the picture

I'm not that angel
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