[[IGGI]] – Julia Dress

[[IGGI]] - Julia Dress

[[IGGI]] – Julia Dress

Hi my dear Raccoons! I felt so lonely on the past weekend that I had a need to call my crush to come to my home. But things didn’t get well on the way he came here.

I had the magnificient dress from [[IGGI]] on me, and I feel comfortable and sexy, ready to go out with him and get some fun together, but at the time he came in, I felt really anxious and just stomped at the door while he knocked it waiting for me to go out and receive him.

It was a weird moment, and lasted like 10min in this way, but then he just sighted close to the door that he will wait for me till the end of the times. Then I blushed really hard and feel more comfortable. Geez, I can tell you that was a GREAT night!

You can check the Dress from [[IGGI]] below to let you feel more confidant on yourself! Go grab it!


[[IGGI]] – Julia Dress


[✔]Venus, Isis, Freya


[✔]Slink Physique ,HourGlass

[✔]Tonic, Fine , Curvy


[✔]eBODY Classic

[✔]HUD 30 Textures


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[[IGGI]] - Julia Dress

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