I will burn the whole world!

Hi my dark Raccoons!

Today is Saturday night and I have no more plans over the weekend as tomorrow I will have a family lunch.. sigh… sometimes life is so quiet that  I have the will to run around and keep all in flames just as my untolerance to this society, but it’s just sometimes, you don’t need to worry as most of the times I’m just a peaceful and quiet girl, I can be kinky and all the stuff, but it’s just for me and my crush, and for whom deserves to be known.

But my patience is just so over that I just neglect to think twice, so let’s take some calming tea and enjoy the quiet, peaceful night at home just waiting for the lunch tomorrow…

So let’s check out  what the sponsors have let me put the world on fire!

Sinful Needs

Dyscorda Horns

To be honest,  this creator get me hooked on the quality and also the kind of goods he creates, as I was always attracted by the world of demons and angels, plus some of my wet dreams comes by this way and also  the deviation from the hentai movies I mentioned some posts before! So the horns are a very nice implementation to all this fantasy world I have in my mind, these special ones are just a very especial horns, which can be customized on every detail by the hud he has included, which lets you not only change the color of every aspect of it, but also includes some animations to be running all through the horn, making you look from as gothic and obscure you want, to the most futuristic look with nice implementations of code images, lightnings and so very much!!! He has a huge collection of horns, so I will be posting them to let you check which one you will choose, as I’m sure you can’t stand without them!

Go and check yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Lilith Reborn Radiant (Skin)

This high detailed skin comes in different colors, I choose this pale one just for my deviations, as the scars it takes from the creator makes for me a very big difference, as you can zoom whenever you want, they are so detailed and so high resolution that you won’t see any difference in zooming. It also comes with a very versatile hud for Omega applier, which you will have the possibility to apply them without any restriction to any attachment you have, from added tail, ears, nails, nipples, anything that have omega ready solution could be applied with this skin applier, so all you will get is a very smooth application on all your body whatever you will have on you! (even the intimate parts will be in the same skin!) It also comes with applier with lipstics, eyebrows and also system skin for whom don’t have the mesh ready! (sigh…)

It really deserves a try and have! Go get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Mesh Tail, Spaded Bare

This demon alike tail, is a bento tail that have a HUGE hud control, from the color, the size, the animation control, the kinkyness to adapt it as a extra (or only) dick, and also is omega ready configured for your tail appliers! It’s really a must have for all those roles where you will need to get a tail, it’s fairly easy to configure and use, even if you don’t have much idea, the creator has included a very detailed instructions to set it up as you want in the same package, so probably you will get even more ideas to adapt it to your needs than you ever thought!

As I said, it’s a must have, so what are you waiting to get yours at the Mainstore or the Marketplace!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)
MarketPlaceMainstore – Flickr

Barbie harness

This great  harness comes with what you need to get your kinkyness out from you! A whole configurable color table on the color hud, from the texture of the harness (where you get A WHOLE LOT of textures to change it) and even the texture for the little gems, which makes them so pretty addittion for a hard working item like this. So it’s really nice that this woman thinks even in our kinkyness but also in our taste for divinity while we are possessed, lol!

Get your copy at the MarketPlace or the Mainstore!

Secret Heart Fitted Panty

I’m in love with the chained panties that this woman does! They are so high detailed, so well constructed and so well designed that everything I put them on me I delay like a half an hour to decide to take the pic, as they suits so well on anyone that you will only looking at there, or just wishing that the time to show them to your crush arrives! These ones comes with a very nice and intrincate set of links with little gems (all of them customizable through the really useful hud this creator has implemented), which makes at your pussy a very nice design of a heart just on the intrincate and beautiful design of both the gems and links. Really deserves a look at and a try. You will get it for sure!

Don’t let me wait more and go for it at the MarketPlace or the Mainstore!

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