I think I’ve gone to the wrong house…

I think I’ve gone to the wrong house…

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I think today I got no luck with my crush to get together and make some pics, but anyway I’d like to take my time for you! So as I was waiting I was taking the opportunity to dress me up and get the chance to wear some new creations of my incredible sponsors! Love them all!

So let’s take a look about this look I took while waiting for my crush to enter!

::XT:: Xtravagance


Melodie Dress

This dress has just so great finishings that lets you go to any place with it, from getting a walk around the street to get dancing hard till the end of the night! The rigging on the bodies are good enough to don’t let you think too much on the alphas, so it’s just a great option to vary and go sexy around the city getting some of those crosses at you wherever you go!

Available for Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Tonic Curvy and Fine and eBody Curvy. Comes with a handy hud with 25 textures to let you choose among the useful colors this creator has prepared for you!

Come and get your copy at the mainstore and the marketplace!!

Lady in Chains

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

MarketPlaceSecond Life Mainstore – Flickr

Bamboo Hoop Earrings

These original earrings with bamboo like form comes in an unrigged version, to let you adjust in your own way to your needs, with 6 ways to stretch it and put it whatever you want to make it look as your own, also with the full customizable hud it comes, as it has the silver and gold plating as initial, but you can make it with all the full color base it has!

And more over this, it’s the GROUP GIFT of this creator’s store! So what you are waiting for to get and grab your free item at the mainstore?

Metallic Nails

Those Bento nails comes with a really optimized hud which along with silver and gold plating you can combine to any color you can have in mind with the hud it comes along, where you can individualize the customization of each nail, making it a full and versatile way to make your own nails in practically any color you want to! And you can count with any nail will get that cool metallized finishing you always dreamed about!

Come and get your copy at the marketplace!

Finger Bling

This sweet set of rings is a complement usually for the Gold Standard that I have previously posted, but it’s always a big complement to any suitable outfit to enhance your finger look! each piece of metal is fully customizable up to any color you want to, always keeping the metal look, and also it’s as versatile to get each gem on each ring to the color, texture of gem that you want them look as, so indeed it’s really a pleasure to have at our own!

Come and get yours at the marketplace!

Beadz Sandals

These pair of sandals comes in two kind of feet, plain feet sandals or high feet high heel shoes, so it’s your own about how you use it at your convenience! The hud lets you customize every part of the set, from the beans (each bean can be fully customized in different precious stones available), to the sole and heel (really, this creator has thought about us really incredebly to make us do our own designs with her design, I really love it!)

You can have your own and check it at the marketplace!




Corridor Backdrop

And here it comes another great creation of this endless imagination creator! I do really love all her creations!!! It can be resized to your needs to let you get your imagination on this abandon-house look alike, let you create your creepy or naughty stories there so all you need to create is just up to you as this creator has an endless imagination to build up your unique stories around!

Come check this sweetness and other ones at the mainstore!

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