I just need to relax…

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

It seems lately that I’m in a continous rush for everything, for dating my crush, for making my own professional life, for being a good homeowner at my apartment, for getting in time all the appointments I need to do… So, sometimes I just need to relax from all these stressful things around, be calmed, put just some music and blow my mind out!

So, let’s turn on the music, grab your own bikini and let’s begin with all the new things my sponsors have for you all the way round!

Event Crazy Fashion


Event Location

From June 8th to 30th

* ML Fashion * – Bubble Dress & Bikini

Bikini and Dress with Color hud, to wear it independent from each other or just as a whole outfit.

Bikini Bottom, Bikini Top and Dress as the pieces of the outfit. Available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Tonic Fine and Curvy and eBody Curvy.

Come and get your copy at the event location!

Smut Muffin



Float Noodles

Here it comes the summer, Summer is comming, probably will be said on southern Westeros, but well, we’re in SL and not in Westeros, so we can feel even the warm waves coming slowly but intense through our windows in RL, so it’s time to get out our fun objects just to make sense on these dates and feel comfortable!

This creator has for us a Float Noodle which is indeed a great creation, as many others she has, which not only has a great foam finishing on the texture, which is what is required to be a Float Noodle, but also as some cool animations if you sit in it, and also the possibility to fight with them with your friends!

Come and get your fun floating noodle to enjoy with your friends at the Marketplace or the Mainstore!

.:Tm:. Creation



Creator’s Facebook & Flickr

Sf1.a Sweetness ADT Daybed Sofa + Decors

This sofa is just a bless from this sweet creator, she has good taste and control for the quality that it’s almost impossible to find anything to say against. Good finishing materials, lovely colors to have with, good decorations with the same detail quality as the main item. As per the fanatics of the good texture, mesh and animation quality, it’s like to say it’s the summum for them, it’s pleasant to look at, pleasant to stay with (alone or with someone else)… It’s really an unconmensurable honour to work with this great designer.

The sofa and the decoration accessories comes in two versions, as usual, PG for the bored ones, and Adult version for the ones who enjoy all the naughty activities the new bento animations can do for us! And also is an exclusive for The Avenue Event, which will be hold till June 22th!

Come and grab your copy at the event location!

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