Helping Daddy

Helping Daddy

Hi my Raccoons!

Today I was helping daddy to repair some sort of things at home, as I don’t know much about plumbering or electricity, so his indications sounds to me like “get the damn big thing with big metal head on the side that the thing which cuts!”

So at the end I think that I was more a disturb than a help, especially as I was dressed, lol! So let me show you the proposal I have today for you, my raccoons!

::XT:: Xtravagance


Carrie Dress

This spicy night dress will make all your dreams come free, and who knows if true. Good quality mesh finishing, with proper color setup hud, you can forget about your alfa huds because it’s well rigged for all the available bodies. So c’mon, let’s put some hot note to the ambient and let other sweat at our feet!

Available for Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass. Comes with a 25 textures hud.

Go and get your copy of this hot dress at the mainstore or the marketplace!

The Bishes Inc.



Fetish Heel

This hard looking and sexy leather high heel shoes comes from this great creator, a woman that knows the importance of the details and all her creations comes plenty of them. Those pair of shoes are so good looking at any outfit that will make you instantanly grabbing your attention wherever you go with them. The looks on the ribets and the metal pieces are so stunning that you will love to look closer. And if you add the perfect color match that she has put in the color hud panel, then you will fall in love definetively!

Available for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink feet.

Come and get your copy at the mainstore!




Garage Backdrop

What can I say about this amazing creator that I didn’t say about in my previous backdrops reviews. It’s a high quality piece that you will love to make recreations, photos and so many things inside that you will forget it’s just a backdrop. Comes with full details about the minimum thing you can find out a regular garage. So it’s ideal for many role playing, photos, stunning action or whatever you can imagine inside. If I needed to do a extensive photo covering about every set, I think my hosting will ban me for all the pictures I need to put to cover it! Lol!

Go get your copy at the mainstore!!

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