Getting out of control

Hi my kinky Raccoons!

I’m just getting so stressed lately that sometimes I run out of control and I’m getting touching myself just to avoid the charges that life puts over you, so does it happens only to me or do you feel the same sometimes? I’d like to hear from you and get know your opinion about that issue!

Anyway, this song makes me remind somekind this situation, thus I like it so much!!

So let’s introduce you some of the new contents the sponsors have for you! Go Go!

[Sexy Princess]

[Sexy Princess]


Blossom Top & Skirt

This sexy and kinky lingery will make you look as innocent and also as hot as you want to put to your crush, be assured that all the decisions taken from him will be just to glorify you, lol. The lace finishing feels so good on the skin that it fits my premise that it’s better to insinuate rather than show it. It’s always good to let the imagination flow for a moment, at least so!

So get comfy and be assured for a long night of passion with this lingerie set from this great creator! This lingerie set comes with a color hud to let you choose between them, and also comes available for Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass and Physique, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Eve Pulpy and Slim, Altamura and TMP Body Systems.

This is an exclusive for the Dazzle Event which started on June 1st and will stay till June 25! Go and Grab your copy at the event location!



Fur Heels

Oh well, these are not shoes made from furry, or at least that’s been told by the creator! Lol! These nice, kinky and hot high heeled shoes makes you to blink twice your eyes in order to feel all the glamour on your feet! They are sensational creations from this woman, which I’m honored to collaborate! It feels like you are ready to get at your feet whatever you want, so don’t be shy and get yours!

The fancy color hud makes you choose from the great color combination this creator has made for us, so this is a great step to get your shoes customized as per any combination you can get for your outfit!

They come available for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza feet system.

Come and get yours at the mainstore or the marketplace!

Sweet Evil



Vibrator Leg Belt / “How to” Books / Cute Little Vibrators

Well, I had so much fun with them, as I felt so kinky that needed to try them all, probably I got exceeded with them! Lol!

While the little vibrators are a gacha exclusive for the Gacha Life Event, from June 5th to 30th, I take profit of them and I can assure that all are working! Lol! The size is so convenient that you will get yourself with one in your purse! You won’t deny that you will have some will to do some dirty things when you are out from home… Also the rare here has the availability to have a color hud to let you decide which color you will get your wetness on!

Come and grab your taxi to the event location!

Plus, how to combine all of your knowledge if you don’t have a previous sight or lived some of the kinkyness before! Go and show your proud kinky knowledge through the books from this great creator, I adore her mind!!!!

Go get them at the mainstore or the marketplace!

And yet to finish, why you need to move your hand while jerking yourself in order to satisfy, get your hands on other pleasure points while your leg belted vibrator does the work for you! That’s really a good idea I need to check out if I can do something alike in RL! Lol! Feel so proud for the creator!

Come and get yours at the mainstore or the marketplace!


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Craft Room

And what else place to get horny out from your home? I think the office is the more horny we get just receiving the messages from the crush, looking at that hot guy who’s passing around, the hottie who gets the paperwork, the one from the courier… lots of temptations along the day! So just get your office look like from this great creator, who made a gacha series of items for this purpose!

Get and fullfill your imagination at the mainstore!

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