Feeling the Diva I am!

Hi my sweet Raccoons!

I’m feeling like a Diva today and I want you all to let feel like I am right now! So let’s see what my sponsors have for you at this time!

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The Edith

This candid dress will make you feel like a living Diva! It comes exclusively for Maitreya body, and comes in two parts, the skirt (with the belt) and the top. It also comes with an extensive color hud that will make you fit your own color combination and get your style beyond anyone could get!

It’ll be available at Cosmopolitan event!

Smut Muffin



Peachie Skin

This Beta skin is already one of the great efforts this designer has yet to declare, as it’s really promising and for all the look you can get it’s a really nice promotion of 199L that she has in the mainstore! It comes the full skin with both head and body in the same applier, as it has omega applier for Catwa, Maitreya and Vtech Chest Mod. So while you could like to wear it as a girl, you can also have you girlie boi look with it, as she is always thinking in our kinkyness! I do really love her designs!

The skin comes in a peach tone for us pales, that will make you look great indeed with all the fasion you can get with it, also the head applier has for both brow and non brow options. For the Vtech Chest mod you have two options too, as a toned and non toned boi look!

Come and get this great offer at the mainstore!

Neko Heart Collar

And what’s nicer for your kinkyness that surprise your master with a brand new Neko collar with an updated OpenCollar to the last version just to get ready for the play! What if also has got all the resizers, colors, textures and all the modifications on the menu instead of being able to stretch or move from the edit menu? Comon and get your copy from this creator, as the leather look of the collar, the finishing on the metal heart inside (God how I like it!!!) will make you the most seductive woman to be compared to all the scum around!

Come and get your copy at the mainstore and marketplace!



Thigh High Heart Garters

OMG these Garters! Comes with a fashionable color hud to put them as just the way you want to look. They come with a very sweet leather finishing and also the metal from the heart (love the detail!) inside that makes you wish every designer put as intention for the detail as she has! Totally a pro to consider these garters to your kinky set!

Available for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, Slink Hourglass and Physique.

Go and grab your own at the mainstore and the marketplace!



Venus Shoes

So let’s follow our Diva feeling! What about these pair of shoes that I like to hear how you scream with them! THEY ARE SO DAMN SWEET! I can just scream in pleasure with them feeling the goddess inside! So what are you waiting to get your pair, my raccoons!

Go and grab quickly at the mainstore or on the marketplace!




Backdrop Diva

And here it comes another great creation from this goddess of the backdrops, you can get it the sweet illumination that comes from our words and say with me together: “DIVA”! So this backdrop will get you to another level on your divinity!

Come and get your backdrop at the mainstore or marketplace

Other details about my outfit:

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