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Hi my fellow Raccoons!

Sometimes the life is hard, but we need to keep moving on, so I’d like to remember that over all the bad moments we could have, over all the experiences we keep going through, I want to remember you a piece of a song… “Everything’s gonna be alright…”

So let’s introduce you the news from my sponsors, as we got very sweet news from them!





Mini Sport Dress

Let’s make a very huge compliment to the creator, as this singular mini sport dress is making me with so very good humor that I cannot stay without telling her my gratitude to make this piece. The finishings are so trully beautiful that you cannot stay without getting it to you and don’t go for a  walk, or into a tennis courtyard, lol.

This mini sport dress is so well fitted that you will forgot about to adjust almost all your alphas to get suit into it, plus the quality of this creator will let you forget about the rest, you really should consider it! Plus the color and texture makes you fly a lot, as the huge texture hud, plus the customizable colors from both the mini dress and the letters on the side as well, will make you to get the best fashion wherever you go at the time you go!

The Boston is available for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, TMP body systems.

Get yours at Marketplace or the  Mainstore!

Other details from the outfit:

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