Don’t exhibit me, Master…

Hi my fellow Raccoons!

Yes! Sometimes I get too shy and don’t want my master to exhibit me to others, so I tried to grab some drapes around and try to hide myself, but well, his will was so high that I could not resist at the end, although it was a enormous internal fight for me!

So let’s take a look about what my sponsors have for us!



Ayame Kanzashi / Sakkou Hair

This great creator makes a real remark on the traditional japanese culture, so he finds appropiate to let us approach to it. And guess what, he has totally surpassed my own ambition! As a japanese culture fan I am, I need to say that this hair has totally got my full attention, I think I will role more times my japanese oriented roleplay just only to fit into these genuine and ambitious creations he does, specially for us gurls!

It does not only have a great color changer hud, like any other hair, but has also the  materials and the glow built in, so you don’t need to make a change on your hair just to get the materials enabled! Thus, the composition you can make with the accessories hud are like a deep fresh air breeze into the goods alike.

Come and get your hair at the mainstore or the marketplace!

And for the floral arrangements, it’s really suitable, it’s easy to put in your hair, it’s so awesome finishing, it’s almost unmoral that you don’t have them! Lol! If you like flowers like I do, then it’s a must have for your own, even if you like or dislike the japanese culture at all, it doesn’t matter, as they already fits on any hair you can bring on!

Get you June Kanzashi at the mainstore or the marketplace!

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